Measure your typing skills, improve typing speed, and compare results with other users around the world.

Typing Test

If you want to test your typing speed, try to take our free 1 minute typing test which is available in multiple languages. You can see how fast you can type and compare the results with others around the world.

The more you practice, the faster and more accurate your typing will be because we use 200 popular words from each language so that your fingers are more nimble when typing these words in your work.

The XFastSingers typing test is free to use with no restrictions, you don't have to pay a dime to hone your ten-finger typing skills. Get ready to put yourself to the test with a test where you will be racing against time and every second is worth it!

Typing Competition

Ready to compete with people around the world who speak the same language? Check out our typing competition! Every competition is open for 24 hours, during which time you will comment on being the fastest in typing 10 fingers.

Our typing competition works like a typing test, but instead of using a scrambled word list every time, the words in the typing competition will remain the same until the competition period ends.

What Languages ​​Are Available?

All game modes whether it's tests and competitions are available in different languages ​​not only English. You can have the opportunity to try it yourself in English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Filipino, German, Italian, Malaysian, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish. The list of available languages ​​will continue to be added.

10 Fingers Typing Test for Mobile

Want to know how nimble your thumb is when typing on mobile? No need to download the app! Just open XFastFingers.com using a browser and you can take the test right away and see the results. Good luck climbing the highscore list!