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Free Online Speed Typing Test English

Want to improve your 10-finger typing skills in a fun and exciting way? See how fast your fingers can type English words and see the results.

English Typing Test

If you want to test or find out how fast you type, try taking our 10 Fast Fingers typing test which is completely free. You can practice to improve your typing speed in a fun and enjoyable way, this test is designed like a game so you can have fun while improving your typing speed and accuracy in a fun way.

The more you practice, the faster and more accurate your typing will be. The English 10 finger typing test game that we provide consists of 200 popular words that are often used in daily activities, so that your practice becomes more efficient and when you find these words in real activity your finger muscles will easily type the word -the word.

Forget rarely used words, focus on frequently used words. If you're used to typing popular words, you'll find it easy to type less used ones.

Speed typing test

You can improve your finger typing skills without costing a penny, you can use our typing tests and games provided completely free of charge. Over time, you may notice that your fingers are getting faster than usual.

At the end of each test, we will show you the score and speed in WPM or words per minute, this score shows the number of words that can be typed in a minute, knowing this score you can compare typing speed over time the bigger the score you get the more means the faster you type.

Apart from WPM, we also show you other information at the end of each test to make it easier for you to track your progress, such as information about accuracy, number of words typed correctly and incorrectly, number of keystrokes and so on.

Tips to Improve English Typing Speed

In order for you to effectively improve your English typing speed, do this test regularly so that your finger muscles become more familiar with the keys on the keyboard and the position of each letter.

If you are just learning to type or are already fluent in typing but still feel awkward when typing with 10 fingers, from now on try to force yourself to type using 10 fingers and make sure each finger types the correct letter.

Also prioritize accuracy, because it's useless if you can type fast but not accurate, speed will increase as accuracy increases.

Record Your Progress

Wouldn't you be proud when at this time you could only get a score of 20 WPM and some time later you got 100 WPM?

To do this, of course you have to save every score you get in every test, but don't worry, you don't need to record it on paper manually, we will record it automatically from the first time you take the test until you have typing skills that you never imagined before, so that we can do it make sure you have created an account and logged in.

Let's join thousands of people from all over the world and improve your typing skills for free!